Do you know of someone selling their house?

Do you see vacant properties in areas you work or live?

Do you have an eye-sore in your neighborhood you'd like to see "Fixed Up"?

Would you like to get FREE MONEY?

Well, it's not exactly free, but its as close to free as we can make it.. Submit those leads to us through our online form and when we buy a house that you submitted, we'll pay you!

First download and fill out our Bird Dog Referral Form. Then Fax it back to us to become a Bird Dog Affiliate, Then submit your leads.

We pay you at least $250.00 per lead for each house we buy as a result of your referral.

We have the resources to track down owners of vacant properties. We can negotiate with them for a fair price. We can perform repairs, market for buyers and take care of all the appointments, paper work and legal issues. All you do is submit the lead and collect the check!

This program is perfrect for people who want to get started in investing, who don't have time to follow-up on all their leads, or people who just want to make a hassle free check!

Click Here to download the BirdDog Referral Program Application Form

The application form is in PDF format. To view it, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader.


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